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Roland Appel created a new topic ' Weekly Round-up for Developers - #8/2017' in the forum. 6 years ago

Embarcadero Weekly Round-up 8
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We continue to improve RAD Studio, Delphi, and C++Builder with one central goal in mind: helping you build cross-platform Native Apps faster than ever before and delivering them to the largest audience possible with ease.
InterBase 2017 – Now Available
InterBase 2017 delivers the fastest version of InterBase yet with new language features, server wide performance monitoring and enhanced transaction handling.
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Download InterBase 2017 Now
The trial and developer editions of InterBase 2017 are available for free
Download the Trial Version
Download Free Developer Edition
Build IoT enabled apps with RAD Studio
ThingConnect IoT device components range from healthcare devices such as heartrate montiors, blood pressure monitors and scales to home automation gadgets like BLE light bulbs, Z-Wave enabled door locks, smart switches, smoke detectors and more.
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Webinar: External BeaconFence Mapping Editor
Embarcadero’s BeaconFence technology utilizes its Beacon Fencing Map Editor from the RAD Studio IDE, but is not able to run outside of it. Woll2Woll has created an external mapping editor to create XML mapping files Written 100% with the FireMonkey library - Runs on Windows, iOS, Android, and OSX.
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16 March 2017
Delphi for Linux Boot Camp Replay
Just in case you missed the fantastic Delphi for Linux Boot Camp by Craig Chapman last week, or you want to watch it again, here is the replay that includes Marco Cantu's Q&A at the end.
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Delphi for Linux RTL units
This blog post from Marco Cantu focuses solely on the RTL units that are going to be available in Delphi for the Linux platform.
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Key Traits of the Coming Delphi For Linux Compiler
In case you missed it: Here are some of the key technical elements of Embarcadero’s new Delphi compiler for the Linux platform.

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How to make a RESTful WebBroker app in C++Builder
WebBroker (included in Professional edition and up) makes it easy to build a RESTful server. This article shows you how to server data from a database via a REST API with WebBroker and C++Builder.
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