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Dr. Holger Flick posted a comment on Removing the Community toolbar 5 years ago

While you are cleaning up... remove the constant opening of the documentation tab and add a Welcome page that has a much smaller footprint especially when it comes to delay due to internet access...

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Which tools did you use to create/generate the UML and ER diagrams?

If it would only work with 3rd party controls as well! That is a big reason I do not rely on this feature.

Sarina, I posted this a while ago without all the different images (https://flixengineering.com/archives/406). It might be interesting though that I also provided a German version of my content back then:https://flixengineering.com/archives/427

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Great post. Can you please elaborate how to design user interfaces that will work on devices that have different display sizes and also what to consider when using graphics (icons etc.)? I tend to use alignment and anchors a lot to make my GUIs respo