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JUANML created a new topic ' IOS App - Socket Error Deploying to MAC' in the forum. 7 months ago


Sorry. My English is not good.

I'm trying to run an application for IOS with Delphi Pro 10.2 Tokyo. (Update 2) with mobile.

I have the following configuration:

Target Platform: IOS Device 64 Bit Iphone 11.2 ( Target: My Iphone )
Configuration: Development.
Platform Assistant Server and client Version:

I can deploy most of the files but have the following error message when I deploy the application file (the largest, 44Mb):

PAClient Error] Error: E0009 Socket Error # 10054
PAClient Error] Error: E0009 Connection reset by peer.

This failure occurs 99% of the time. But I've been able to deploy at least once.

I was also able to play the bug with the command line application (paclient.exe). Attached are screenshots

Thanks in advance.


Dear Sarina,I'm sorry. I'm sorry. My English is not good, but I had to comment on this. I can't understand some things:1ยบ) Delphi no longer officially supports Android. With the latest version available it is not possible to upload applications to th