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It's OK. Please make sure you product is of high standards. Please make it worth to switch from Visual Studio. On the personal note, I hope David you are not just another "manager" who doesn't give a 'tuck' about this product and all he thinks is pay

runny_babbit911 replied to the topic '10.1 Update 2' in the forum. 4 years ago

Guys, c'mon!
Not only log of changes is needed! For the pit sake! If I didn't stuble across this post I wouldn't even know that Update 2 is out! How lame your marketing guys are? Your website says absolutely nothing about the fact that Update 2 is ready for downloading!


runny_babbit911 created a new topic ' Berlin 10.1 Update 2' in the forum. 4 years ago

Guys, I really wish you and really have high hopes for update 2 for Berlin 10.1.
You have a potentiall winner on your hands especially after I've seen roadmap for this product, and the way you seem to be commited to C++ and keeping up with clang compiler. Please make sure that this product is polished and can be usable in most everyday scenarios. If you do that I believe you will have a success.
I keep my fingers crossed, I'd really love to move from Visual Studio and start using your product, but it has to be stable and usable.

Best regards


runny_babbit911 created a new topic ' Application freezes during themost basic operation' in the forum. 5 years ago

Tried to add files from libgit2 library (over 50 header files at a time from src folder) to a static library type project. Application froze. Tried to do it again. Same problem. Tried one more time. Happened again. Decided to not use this release as it simply cannot deal with simplest tasks.