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try this: - uninstall rad studio - install the update 2 without entering any key (will get just the RAD Studio IDE with no languages) - launch the license manager and add the two license keys you have (may need to also press the Register button for e

Should have way to flag comments in the community by spammers like user "dimplemerry" above and/or report user profiles to take down (and remove all their spam comments in one step)

community pages show exclamation point at lock icon on address bar with Firefox - saying connection is now secure when using https://... url says part of page not secure [e.g. images may be using http:// url] - you can try using //someimage.jpg inste

worked for me, I think I first installed it with no license keys, then went to license manager and installed both Delphi Starter and C++ Builder Starter ones. Had to register the 2nd one via Register button, the 1st had been registered already in the

can the community site team do something about the e-mail notifications? got 3 ones for this last comment of yours. I think I get one notification for someone replying to my comment directly and another two ones (which I usually get instead of one) s COM is supported inside the same AppX package, so a Delphi COM server could talk to a C# .NET-based app in the same AppX package which in turn talks via a UWP AppService to a UW

judging from the part at time 27:27 from video one could add a Win32 DLL (say in C#/C++) that consumes an AppService exposed by their UWP code. That DLL could be called by say a Delphi app that has bee

some very interesting info I just found at "You can enhance your converted Desktop application with a wide range of Universal Windows Platform (UWP) APIs. However, in addi

were those methods being called from the main code? if not can't use it to benchmark the linker part if Delphi compiler is optimizing that away (or isn't it?)

using the Earth icon at the top-right I managed to see the in English, but still those two links should be fixed since they point elsewhere, plus the correct link text (and link address of course) for

Hi Jim, the FAQ link you mention for some reason redirects me to: (adds an /es/ - but I'm in Greece) which has two broken links to Delphi and C++ Builder FAQs at its bottom end, aka http://ww

in case you didn't notice the text above it writes: " If you haven't already done so, upgrade to Delphi 10.1 Berlin now, with update subscription, to be among the first to try the Linux compiler when the beta version will be made available.PS: As you

are others getting multiple e-mail notifications too from community site (for the same comment)? I tend to get 2 of those

Also watch this video: and read on how you can a

Desktop Bridge samples repository at writes: Desktop Conversion Extensions is a bridge that enables you to convert your classic desktop application (like Win32, Windows Forms, and WPF) or game t

Useful article from Scott Hanselman: from there: NOTE: Make sure the Identity in the AppxManifest matches the code signing cert's CN=Identity. That'

So, if you have Windows 10 Anniversary Edition and install the BASH/Unbuntu support it contains (it is Unbuntu but with a Linux kernel implemented by MS that calls into Windows), will you be able to do this on a single machine?

I get same error with Microsoft Edge on Windows 10

I had a RAD Studio trial installation that had expired and then installed the Delphi Starter edition trial, but even though I tried the license manager and Delphi Starter license is installed, I ended up with no Platforms at all installed in RAD Stud

Jim McKeeth uninstall and reinstall 7 years ago