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Current status: "Cross platform scientific software freelancer.
Geophysicist specialized in data acquisition, processing and representation.
Volcano monitoring software.
Programming since 1980."
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Steve J posted a comment on Borland OWL to C++ Builder VCL 2 months ago

Wow, thanks for that great article. Nostalgia for OWL. I always have disagreed when people compared it to MFC. MFC was an ugly wrapper trying to hide the basic Windows system calls, nothing more. While OWL was a real masterpiece of Object Oriented.

Steve J posted a comment on The 10.2.2 Experience 4 months ago

Jim, The new Welcome Page has to be fixed. Most of the time I land on the Documentation tab, which I don't need and which is broken. The documentation frame is about 3" large only and can't be resized. One can't read what is inside. If we close the D

And what about remembering the IDE layout? No matter what I do it reverts back to "Startup Layout", which I don't use (looks more and more like a Confluence or Stack Exchange web page rather than a real application IDE)??? I work in Classic Undocked

Steve J posted a comment on RAD Studio 10.2.2 Released Today 4 months ago

Besides going through the full day hassle of reinstalling everything (and waiting for GetIt packages that are not available yet), the new IDE has some major problems. 1. If you close the "What's new" panel from the welcome page, it always comes back

Where are the "free" replays? 100% of the sessions have to be paid. A premiere for CodeRage which used to be free. Or am I missing something? If I connect to my account, I just can buy lessons. You say "the free CodeRage course"

Wow, This time I'm impressed, it was within the week of the latest Xcode release!!! This is the way it should be, and it looks like you got the message ! Thanks to all at Embarcadero.

I think Andrew is right. Same for me. I just renewed my subscription but if things continue to go this way, it's the last time. I have been waiting fro almost 5 months to eventually have NexusDB 3rd party added to GetIt (it was passed to Embarcadero

To me the most important thing would be to focus on releasing fixes within a week of a new version of Xcode and releasing all 3rd party tools in your hands when available. I am under subscription but I'm still stuck with Berlin because Tokyo can't cr

Where is the link to the webinar. Nothing was provided for the previous one.
Clicking "Going" doesn't do anything except counting us in, but then...
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Steve J Doing More with C++ 11 months ago

How do we attend? No link, no mail, nothing...

Hi Jim, I subscribed to the More C++ event, but didn't get anything. How do you attend those webinars??? I missed it and don't want to miss the one... Show more