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Steve J replied to the topic 'iOS 11.4 & Xcode 9.4' in the forum. 2 days ago

Rad Studio Delphi & C+++Builder Professional with Mobile-AddOn


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Steve J replied to the topic ' is UP!' in the forum. 4 days ago

No NNTP access. No use to me.
Don't know about you but I like real apps (stand alone), not web portals.
Too bad. An invaluable source of information is now lost...


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Steve J replied to the topic 'iOS 11.4 & Xcode 9.4' in the forum. 5 days ago

To me that's the main problem with RadStudio...
You have to wait for weeks if not months in order to get the newest PAServer allowing to use the latest XCode/SDKs...
This should be released within 5 days. Otherwise, we, developers, are jeopardized by this and we can't move forward.
They also often release the new RadStudio major upgrade a few das before a new XCode release, rendering RadStudio unusable for weeks right after the upgrade.
This has to change.


Steve J replied to the topic 'Posting example code?????' in the forum. 1 week ago

You can post code excerpts.
You have to surround it with [ code ]
You can also select it and click the little icon with <> on it, 2nd icon right to the "text align right" icon.


      FAllCollections.Free  ;
      FModelCollection.Free ;
      inherited ;


Steve J replied to the topic 'Forums unusable' in the forum. 2 weeks ago

I have the feeling this is very bad news and I seriously now worry about the next steps?
After David I, Nick Hodges leaving, what will be next? Marco and Sarina leaving?
Then the product goes down the drain and it's the end of RadStudio.
This stinks. Like many others, small structures, one or two person businesses, we invest a lot of valuable money for the products we rely on.
Since Idera acquired the tools, it feels like the only goal is maximize money and reduce costs at the expense of a nice base. Only a broad developper base would bring money to Idera.
The way they present information is always feeling skewed. Look at the Professional edition. "It now includes the mobile add-on". What does it mean? That the mobile add-on is now free and they may release a new add-on, say like Linux? No, it means the mobile add-on is not a choice anymore, it's imposed and the product is sold at the full price: prof + mobile add-on.
No other choice.
I'm really considering moving to something else, just for the sake of my business survival.

Delphi/C++Builder encountered a lot of bumps, and when Embarcadero bought it, they worked very hard making it a beautiful swan again. People were dedicated, they improved it a lot. Now I don't feel the same thing with Idera.


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Steve J posted a comment on Borland OWL to C++ Builder VCL 4 months ago

Wow, thanks for that great article. Nostalgia for OWL. I always have disagreed when people compared it to MFC. MFC was an ugly wrapper trying to hide the basic Windows system calls, nothing more. While OWL was a real masterpiece of Object Oriented.

Steve J posted a comment on The 10.2.2 Experience 6 months ago

Jim, The new Welcome Page has to be fixed. Most of the time I land on the Documentation tab, which I don't need and which is broken. The documentation frame is about 3" large only and can't be resized. One can't read what is inside. If we close the D

And what about remembering the IDE layout? No matter what I do it reverts back to "Startup Layout", which I don't use (looks more and more like a Confluence or Stack Exchange web page rather than a real application IDE)??? I work in Classic Undocked

Steve J posted a comment on RAD Studio 10.2.2 Released Today 6 months ago

Besides going through the full day hassle of reinstalling everything (and waiting for GetIt packages that are not available yet), the new IDE has some major problems. 1. If you close the "What's new" panel from the welcome page, it always comes back