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Geophysicist specialized in data acquisition, processing and representation.
Volcano monitoring software.
Programming since 1980."
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Wow, This time I'm impressed, it was within the week of the latest Xcode release!!! This is the way it should be, and it looks like you got the message ! Thanks to all at Embarcadero.

I think Andrew is right. Same for me. I just renewed my subscription but if things continue to go this way, it's the last time. I have been waiting fro almost 5 months to eventually have NexusDB 3rd party added to GetIt (it was passed to Embarcadero

To me the most important thing would be to focus on releasing fixes within a week of a new version of Xcode and releasing all 3rd party tools in your hands when available. I am under subscription but I'm still stuck with Berlin because Tokyo can't cr

Where is the link to the webinar. Nothing was provided for the previous one.
Clicking "Going" doesn't do anything except counting us in, but then...
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Steve J Doing More with C++ 6 months ago

How do we attend? No link, no mail, nothing...

Hi Jim, I subscribed to the More C++ event, but didn't get anything. How do you attend those webinars??? I missed it and don't want to miss the one... Show more

Good. But you should focus on something that is more and more asked by Apple: Watch support. This becomes a requirement to put iOS apps to the front store. iOS should be more supported. When Apple releases a new SDK version (Xcode), Embarcadero shoul

Does this finally let us use Xcode 8.3.1 and 8.3.2? It has been 6 weeks that we wait for a fix...

Hum... where is it? Any link?

Steve J replied to the topic 'how to store preference variables in delphi' in the forum. 8 months ago

Happy to see that sometimes answers and guidance on forums lead to solutions :-)Enjoy your development.


Steve J replied to the topic 'how to store preference variables in delphi' in the forum. 8 months ago

If I'm right here are the two things to check:
And the example on video from