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Boba ½1347 created a new topic ' unfolding header lines in TIdAttachmentFile' in the forum. 4 months ago

how do I unfold header lines in TIdAttachment? TIdSMTP v10. tia[File]? TIdSMTP v10. tia


Boba ½1347 created a new topic ' Fold Lines in header of TIdAttachmentFile' in the forum. 4 months ago

Dear All; how do I fold me header lines in a TIdAttachmentFile? I did try the following:
TIdMessage *IdMsg; //Indy ver.10
TIdAttachmentFile *attchmnt=new TIdAttachmentFile(IdMsg->MessageParts,"filename.txt");
attchmnt->Headers->FoldLines = false;
attchmnt->Headers->UnfoldLines = true;
but it does not help: attachment header lines are folded and the receiving server does not understand it.
Please advise. TIA. Boba TC


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@Eduardo: no, they are not. @all: there is no need for those forums any more; enbrakodelo has lost its last customer due to ... [the list is too long to be posted]...

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