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I like the new look and feel, however my enjoyment is dependent on responsiveness. Waiting for the IDE to respond to me is the BIGGEST issue by far. This fix will require a better threading design so I am not blocked when the IDE wants to "help" me

The biggest change I need in the IDE is for it to perform when used in a large project. The constant slowdown, waiting for a minute or more while in the middle of typing a line of code really sucks the productivity out of the IDE. You don't see it

Update: It was me. Apparently the installer will install any version of Delphi based on the product key. Starter product key = starter edition. Community product key = Community edition.I have now checked out the new one and so far as I can tell, i

Disappointed :`(Have I done anything wrong? Initially I was excited by this post. The starter edition I had downloaded for my sons to learn with was atrocious. The IDE was missing the key productivity features: key strokes, code completion etc. ma

Vanners created a new topic ' RTTI and Short Strings' in the forum. 5 years ago

When I attempt to use RTTI to get values from a short string field (e.g. MyField: string[4]) I get the error:
Insufficient RTTI available to support this operation

How to I get the value of a short string field? (Is there some directive or option?). Searching the internet tells me that I can do it easily with the old RTTI library. :-/

I just need a FieldType assigned to the TRTTIField for these field types, but how?

Note: I am working with legacy code that is very bound to these types of strings, so it is impractical to change all short strings to regular strings (especially since I am attempting to make them all redundant as soon as I can extract all the data stored in these legacy classes).


Vanners created a new topic ' FireDAC CachedUpdates enforce primary key' in the forum. 7 years ago

How can I set up a TFDQuery with cached updates so that it will enforce primary key constraints when posting.
It complains well enough when ApplyUpdates is attempted (which may be after many records are changed), but it would be sooo much better if it complained when a duplicate key was attempted to be inserted it could stop problems like this from arising.

It seems like FireDAC works for synthetic keys, but natural keys seem to have problem after problem. (try cached master detail tables with central caching where you can change the primary key of the master - it gets rid of changes to the detail table for all records that belong to the changed master)


I need the YouTube link too!

The link to does not show any recent activity, the latest being 2014. There is a "Mind your language" replay, but that is for Delphi XE6, not this most recent version.

Vanners posted a comment on Delphi Boot Camp with 100% off Delphi 7 years ago

I want that too!

Vanners posted a comment on Delphi Boot Camp with 100% off Delphi 7 years ago

When my children downloaded and installed Delphi they only had the Win32 platform. I understand there will be Firemonkey in this boot camp. How are they supposed to follow along without the other platforms?

Is there a video recording of these webinars? I missed the first few, and even missed the last 20 minutes of this one.

Vanners created a new topic ' Unblocking Tethering' in the forum. 8 years ago

I installed an application with WiFi tethering to a laptop. Multiple mobile devices have a companion app. All PCs are on the same network and on the same subnet (10.0.0.#).

My development laptop can connect to the mobile devices without problems, however the other laptop doesn't detect any other device when trying to connect. It is running the same app that is being run on my development laptop.

What could be causing it not to see any devices? (obviously it isn't a coding issue, otherwise my development machine would have the same problem) so it must be something to do with the environment of the other laptop.

1. A DLL or other supporting code is needed that has not been transferred
2. Some virus protection/firewall is causing it to be blocked (note: the first time I ran the app it asked me if I wanted to let it through the regular Windows 7 firewall. I said yes.) This laptop also has another virus protection programme on it (I think it is Norton's).

I have also tested this code on another windows 7 PC and it worked fine.

App was compiled in XE8, but started development in XE7.