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Ola amigo... eu pergundo esas pesoas no embarcadero mas eles nao me responde ... uma pesoa pode compra versaos antes desa versao Berlin... por exemblo eu quero compra Delphi XE2 ou 7... vc pode responder amigo ?

will you please provide a link to the old compiler 5.5 ? since you want people to see the differences you should have the old next to the new ... This is what i believe David. Can you imagine a world without history? Why do we care about historical

Se vc esta no uma facultade ensina os pesoas usa o Free pascal porque a delphi esta muito caro. O Delphi do embarcadero esta para os ricos mas o Free Pascal e o Lazarus - Typhon esta para o povos.

Se vc quero ajunda fala neses pesoas no embarcadero para fazer uma muito Bom preso para os povos para eles pode uso Delphi e C++ jundos ... Hoje tem muitos pesoas usado o Free Pascal e o Lazarus (Delphi Mod). Iso que eu uso tambem mas se vc quero sa


In case you ask me where do i see the limitations here they are. https://www.embarcadero.com/app-development-tools-store/delphi https://www.embarcadero.com/free-tools/ccompiler You explain to me if am wrong David the way i see it it looks am not wron

Berlin (10.1) Has restrictions while the Borland 5.5 does not. i have explained below the restrictions of one and the other. I can not go to the whole EULA of the Borland line by line to prove that this is that but if you can insist we can do it. as

David the Starter edition of the IDE has the same compiler you explain YES OR NO ? The License of the Starter restricts the people up to a revenue so again we end up to the restriction of distribution so if a person has compiled C++ code with lets sa

David simple questions simple answers... a Program compiled with Borland Free 5.5 can be distributed and sold without any limitation or restrictions by the developer YES OR NO ?a program compiled with Embarcadero Berlin 10.1 can be distributed and so

please read this... David tell me if am wrong. ask the Embarcadero lawyers and i will accept my mistake if am wrong. Give at least the option to those who have the STARTER editions of Delphi or C++ to download those things that where supposed to be f

Give at least the option to those who have the STARTER editions of Delphi or C++ to download those things that where supposed to be free. As of the License of the 5.5. is that it was not personal usage only but free for everything. If am wrong plea

For some reason the Companies dont want the developers to develop they expect the developer will develop his products by fireballs from his ars or something. (Braveheart movie). They should give some low cost licese to single small company developer

are you a spammer or something?

You do not read what i wrote i had a nice download link to my Downloads for C++ 5.5 and it was removed this is not nice on top of that download they placed the Berlin the BC101 is the new Berlin version and not the BORLAND 5.5. that was Free the lice

I got a version of 5.5 Compiler and those are the MD5 can some one plese verify to me if i have the correct version ? I post some MD5 so if some one wants to help out to tell me if am ok bcc32.exe MD5: EFB740DF5FDE234CF558042443220BB7 brc32.exe MD5

Please provide a Link to the Free Borland C++ Compiler version 5.5 for those who do not want to use the new Berlin... Forcing people is a mistake Microsoft also did with their .net and their forcing to upgrade to windows 10 even if some systems dont

Hello David ... I am like new in Embarcadero i used to be and am in the Free Pascal Zone for the reason that i see things i do not like. I am a developer and i do not like restrictions. I do not approve the movement to replace the old BORLAND C++ 5