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Tony M12529 created a new topic ' TMediaPlayer recording' in the forum. 1 month ago

My first venture into multimedia.
I've set up a project that uses TMediaPlayer to record from a microphone and save as 'Trial.Wav' which works OK as is.
1. With TMediaPlayer is the sound recorded buffered then subsequently saved as a wav file or is it streamed directly to disk?
2. If buffered how do I locate the buffer? (Reason I need to further process the wav data in real time).
3. Final part is displaying the data on screen (like an oscilloscope), vary input volume etc.
Is this possible with TMediaPlayer or do I need to revert directly to the Windows API?
If the later, any suggested resources in finding the required information to accomplish my tasks? Even if I have to purchase a Windows programming book that covers these topics is OK (although I'd prefer online documentation). I've looked through the Microsoft site and find it very difficult to navigate their structures.

Thanks in anticipation.