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Hi Khaled. You can find a C++ translation here: https://community.embarcadero.com/blogs/entry/changing-a-firemonkey-style-at-runtime

Hi James,Thanks for the feedback. It will be taken on board.FWIW, we're aiming for several releases to 10.2. Not sure about five, but should be two or three at least. The thing about the number of releases is, effort put into a point release is ef

Thanks Clement! I hope you'll see more blogs or other material soon. Check out our Youtube channel too, lots of material there. https://www.youtube.com/user/EmbarcaderoTechNet

Hi Leiv - I missed these commented in December. Glad you figured it out

David Millington created new blog post Changing a FireMonkey style at runtime in Blogs 2 weeks ago

There is a great post by Sarina Adding a style selector to your application showing how to have a FMX application with multiple style books, and a combo box listing the sty ...

Did you try turning it off from your source and build folders? Compiling and linking opens and uses a lot of files, and they're executables, and they're exactly what AVs are interested in. An AV can interrupt and cause errors that are completely out

We have a fix! https://community.embarcadero.com/blogs/entry/firemonkey-android-compatibility-patch-for-rad-studio-10-2-tokyo Note that 10.2.1 will contain more than this, as well.

We are trying not to have too many updates, but we have a couple planned for 10.2, and two hotfixes / patches out already.The transparency and parent color bug you mention - could you link to the QP please?

We're looking into it. Since it's intermittent, it's difficult to reproduce and we don't see it. If you have any further information, please add it to the Jira.

Hi Andrew - you're right, and my apologies it's taking so long. You may be able to rebuild Boost yourself, though that is a lengthy process. We're looking into it and I've just escalated it.

Hi Laszlo - we released the patch a few days ago! https://community.embarcadero.com/blogs/entry/firemonkey-android-compatibility-patch-for-rad-studio-10-2-tokyo10.2.1 will have further fixes.

Understood. iOS and Xcode, should be coming soon. Until then please use 8.2; you can install that version by downloading it from Apple.NexusDB: I'm not aware of that, will follow it up.

My apologies - I missed this was a FireMonkey bug, not VCL. We're tracking it and hope to have a fix.

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We do - although I have no idea if we use it in a way that's grammatically correct for the Japanese word.

We changed a little about how they showed up in GetIt late last night EU time, so they should definitely be there now. There is a Connectors category on the left, do you see that?They should be available for Pro and above.If you still don't, please c

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Your Delphi-side class is there just to be inherited from in C++. It doesn't have to be abstract, no - it can have normal methods. One example might be writing a component in C++, inheriting from TCustomControl. That works just fine.The mechanism: ye

David Millington posted a comment on Mixing Delphi and C++ 1 month ago

An instance of TMyDelphiClass is created in TForm1::btnDelphiClick, and all it does is set a property. The class doesn't really do anything, it just demonstrates calling methods and using properties. Try placing a breakpoint in the C++ method and st

Hi Andrew - yes, looks like the one! If you want to check, verify against the linker command line shown in the Messages docked window, Build tab.The number: it will depend on your project, so "use whatever works for you", which isn't useful advice I

Sorry, don't have dates to announce yet. But it's coming!