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Larry Hengen posted a comment on Open Source Friday with Delphi 4 years ago

"Delphi developers are loners (usually) and do not understand the benefits of team play. This is because they do not know how to work and are afraid of difficulties".You might want to think about how what you are writing will be perceived by your aud

Larry Hengen posted a comment on Quality Keeps Moving Forward 6 years ago

I also have numerous product enhancement requests, bug entries and automated bug reports in QC. It is not very transparent to your customers to have those reports go into a black hole, and yet still have QC automated error report functionality in th

Larry Hengen posted a comment on Hello from the new C++ Product Manager 7 years ago

I am glad to see someone with a passion for better user experiences has been added to the EMBT. The IDE needs a lot of cleanup and tweaking to make it even as good as, and as stable as D7. Each release seems to be a trade off of one debilitating bu

Happy BDay!Should we wish you a happy retirement as well?