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Stephen Aberle posted a comment on The Observer Pattern 11 months ago

I'm working with this excellent post to work out how to implement interfaced observers. I'm having a problem with the demo code, in the TDigitalClock class definition: the line "procedure IObserver.Update = ObserverUpdate;" throws the error "[dcc32 E

Stephen Aberle created a new topic ' RAD Studio IDE: "Unmatched ()" when searching' in the forum. 1 year ago

RAD Studio searching has gone goofy lately -- I mean, over the last few XE(xx) iterations. Example: when I search for a string containing, say, an opening parenthesis "(", instead of performing the search, it helpfully tells me I have "Unmatched ()s". Well, duh. The string I'm searching for has unmatched parentheses, because the part of the string I want is near the beginning. Why not just perform the search?