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HA Fox replied to the topic 'Can Delphi Berlin be re-installed "in place"?' in the forum. 7 years ago

Fantastic! That was exactly what I was hoping. Great find!

Thanks very much.


HA Fox created a new topic ' Can Delphi Berlin be re-installed "in place"?' in the forum. 7 years ago

As it seems to happen at some point or another with each new version, something(?) has tweaked my Delphi installation which was working beautifully for many weeks. Now, unfortunately, it's crashing within minutes of the IDE opening and attempting to get some work done. Nothing had been changed, added or removed since the original install. it just stopped working from one morning to the next.
I'm ready to start with a fresh installation, but I'm concerned about potential licensing issues. If I uninstall and reinstall, am I likely to have problems when the installer attempts to authorize my license. It seems that I've run into this before, and it put me out of work until I was finally able to get someone to adjust the install count (or something like that).
Any advice on how best to prepare for such a re-installation on the same computer? Is there any method of "de-authorizing" a license for purposes such as this? I don't mind spending an hour or so reinstalling Delphi and all of my third-party stuff, but I really can't be stuck with a non-functioning system for several days or weeks.