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When is 10.3 getting released.

Pradyumna replied to the topic 'Strange bug with TstringList' in the forum. 5 years ago

I have managed to resolve the issue. In a previous method call the "data" in the parameter list was getting 'freed' by mistake.
I am sorry that I could not catch the bug earlier.


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Pradyumna replied to the topic 'Strange bug with TstringList' in the forum. 5 years ago

Okay here is the code:

unit ObjListsReadU;
TAnyProj = class
procedure InitBaseLists;
procedure FreeBaseLists;
procedure ReadGeomData(InpFName: string); virtual; abstract;
Constructor Create;
destructor Destroy; override;

IsDataRead: boolean;
Anydts: tStringList;
procedure GetDtsCommatext(ds: string);

tStadProj = class (TAnyProj)
StadUsrTables: tStadUserTables;
CurntUsrTbl: tStadUserTable;
MbSecDataList: tStadMbDataList;
constructor Create;
procedure ReadStadFile(fName: string);
procedure GetGroupNames(var data: tStringList);
procedure SetZaxisVertical;
SetZaxV: boolean;
procedure ReadStadNodes(data: TStringList);
procedure ReadStadMembers(data: TStringList);
procedure ReadStadMaterials(data: tStringList);
procedure ReadStadTableData(data: TStringList);
procedure ReadStadPipeData(data: TStringList);
procedure ReadStadRHSData(data: TStringList);
procedure ReadStadWideFlangeData(data: TStringList);
procedure ReadStadMbSections(data: tSTringList);
procedure ReadStadMbSectionsV2(data: TStringList);
procedure ReadStadMbReleases(data: tStringList); // Currently being debugged method
procedure ReadStadTrussMbrs(data: tStringList);
procedure ReadStadMatMbrs(data: tStringList);
procedure ReadStadGeneralSecData(data: tStringList);
procedure ReadStadLdData(data: tStringList);
procedure ReadStadGroups(data: tStringList);
procedure AddLdcsOrCmb(LdData: tStringList);
procedure AddSupportsData(data: tStringList);
procedure AddNode(ndNo: integer; X, Y, Z: double);
procedure SetDefaultOrientation(Mb: tLineElement);
procedure AlotMbSections(Sec: Tsection; NosList: tIntList);
function CreateNewSection(RctNo: integer; SecdataStr: string): tSection;
procedure AlotMbReleases(MbNos: tIntList; MbRelease: string);

// ... Have removed other code for brevity
procedure TStadProj.ReadStadMbReleases(data: tStringList);
var eData: boolean;
dts: TStringList;
eData := false;
ShowMessage('Count = '+IntToStr(data.Count)); // Shows Count = 3;
dts := tStringList.Create;
ShowMessage('Count = '+IntToStr(data.Count)); // Shows Count = 0;
// MbNos := tIntList.Create;
// while not eData do
// begin
// Anydts.Clear; MbNos.Clear;
// GetStadNosListUptoSTr(data, dts, Balance);
// CreateNosList(dts, MbNos);
// AlotMbReleases(MbNos, Balance);
// if data.Count = 0 then
// eData := true;
// end;



Pradyumna created a new topic ' Strange bug with TstringList' in the forum. 5 years ago

I have found a strange bug in Delphi.
I have a procedure (called as procedureA) which reads in data from an Ascii file and extracts some part into a subset. Let us call this as 'data'. This variable data is instantiated as a TStringList type. Now from inside ProcedureA, another procedureB is called with data as a parameter. Inside procedureB I have another variable dts which is instantiated as another TStringlist variable. As soon as the statement dts:= TStringList.create is executed the earlier 'data' coming in as a parameter into procedureB becomes reset to a blank stringlist. Same code elsewhere works.
I have tried to debug these via the integrated debugger and have this strange behaviour. Before the local variable is instantiated the 'data' from the parameter contains data. After instantiation the local variable 'dts' the data inside the variable 'data' disappears.
What am I missing.

What am I missing/


Pradyumna posted a comment on CAD with C++Builder, episode#0 5 years ago

I am trying to develop a CAD tool for structural engineering using Delphi. I am trying to use Firemonkey as I wish to port it to the Mac also. Would like to have some insights into your CAD development in Firemonkey. Is there an English translation o

Pradyumna replied to the topic 'RAD Studio (Delphi) Tokyo 10.2.3 and XCode 9.3' in the forum. 5 years ago

It is already released


Pradyumna created a new topic ' OSx' in the forum. 5 years ago

I have a 2 Macs. We will call these MacW and MacA, to help identify them. On MacW I have Windows installed via Bootcamp, on which I develop Delphi programs. These are then deployed to MacA via paserver. The programs work fine on MacA. However, when I reboot MacW into OSx and copy the program from MacA to MacW, their behaviour changes in weird ways. For example, the buttons do not respond properly or don't respond at all. What am I missing?


On mine, both the upcoming events and youtube links are two orbiting circles, with nothing coming up. Everywhere else the net works except on the welcome page. In any case I do not miss these pages. Though I may like to see these now and then

There appears to be a bug on the documentation tab of the welcome screen. The matter is only a small vertical strip with the rest of the screen empty. And I cannot increase the width of the strip.

Pradyumna posted a comment on UI Changes in the IDE's View menu 6 years ago

I like the new changes proposed. Somehow I felt that this is a little late in coming. Though as the saying goes, better late than never.

Pradyumna posted a comment on UI Changes in the IDE's View menu 6 years ago

I would also like split editors, though the current two editor windows is not bad.

Pradyumna posted a comment on #ILoveDelphi, How About You? 6 years ago

I started with TP3.0. Somewhere along the way drifted into C for a month, got frustrated and came back to Delphi. I still have code from 1987, which works today on Delphi Berlin. Did my PhD in Structural Engg with lots of help from Delphi. Have been

You must have joined Borland in 1985, not 1995. I started using TP from 1986. Time flies. Haven't stopped loving Pascal. Thanks for a great product.