I agree Jason: It is a weakness that you can't access the "groups" from the main menu. It is also the same weakness regarding looking for individual... Show more

Is it just me or is it impossible to navigate to:
Home > Community > Groups > UK Midlands Developers and other groups from just
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jasonJac2 posted a new discussion9 years ago

Groups working now - touching base from London (Manchester)

Hi, I head up the ukDevgroup (formerly ukBug). Really pleased to see the groups are working and hopefully working well. I've been to a fair few of...

UK Midlands Developers

Happy New Year (I feel happier now I've got over a week of flu/bug)

I'm a Windows development primarily, mainly C# for the past few years, but also now in charge of updating a 2MLOC Delphi VCL app to be a bit more... Show more

It can get pretty frustrating when you dig down deep into the innards, as a Delphi developer. There are lots of new terminologies to be aware of.

I'm Windows, C++, MySQL only at present but intend getting into Android and iOS development soon.

I've got a lot of development experience on Android, not necessarily with XE but with the native tools. If anyone needs any pointers in the right... Show more

I attaended the Birmingham UK meeting and am looking forward following up the session. My next task is to install the XE7 trial and connect my... Show more

Look forward to other Birmingham UK attendees signing up to "Uk Midlands developers" group

Look forward to other Birmingham UK attendees signing up