Streetlib: Indie Authors Misleaded By Streetlib

Streetlib Discussion started by Streetlib 5 years ago
Streetlib offers a book distribution on google play where your manuscript can be published or a turned into a paperback copy for sale, its sound good but is a spoilt choice for indie authors.
Streetlib without any research standardized the misleading .com website as international distributors in U.S, there is no accountability of any malpractice or misleading acts by such distributors on streetlib.
The poor struggling authors who rely on this distributors face the agony of paying increasing costs and rent. The source has created great confusions and late payments to the writers and editors who did a better job.
The customer service is quite disappointing, they never apologize, or agree to improve the user interface of the payment page to reduce the misunderstandings. This attitude has created a negative image in the mindset of the indie authors who hoped something good from the streetlib.
The sales dashboard never seem to increase the sales ratio, but the payment structure misleads you with the claim of taking only 10%, which will seem quite okay too you at the start but later on you will realize that this 10% is actually equivalent to 25%. They charge you with a taxing revenue double than the fair rate. To Understand this you need to break down the pay structure and analyze it.
The support page stands to be useless as there is no accountability to handle the customer grievance and address the problems. Even if they do they muffle the emails and messages to mislead the clients.
The uploaded books remain invisible on the store as a minority of books are uploaded by them, which finally concludes by withdrawing the books from streetlib and putting them to another one.
If you mock them by truth and the ruthful customer malpractices they treat you badly to hold an active charge of your books and costs, they cut earnings and block you from contacting the other sources or do with another publisher whom you wish to approach.
This is just a short message for the indie authors to understand how they are cheated on behind the attractions of Streetlib and to stay away from such malpractices.
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