Groups working now - touching base from London (Manchester)

jasonJac2 Discussion started by jasonJac2 8 years ago


I head up the ukDevgroup (formerly ukBug).  Really pleased to see the groups are working and hopefully working well.  I've been to a fair few of the EMBC events and always try and help Kirstin, Jason, Stephen, Jon et al.  Sat in Charring Cross today, with our sessions about PaintBox in Delphi (scheduling demo) and a double session on Azure from Pete.

JonH mentioned the group.

Have you guys met up again?

I see no discussions have happened here.

I'm working in D7 through XE6 (don't currently have any active XE7 ones).

Any appetite to meet up?

What would be needed to make someone want to join the ukDevGroup and come down to London to meet (12:00 -> 17:00).

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