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UI/UX and MVP 9 years 2 weeks ago #590

The software development world is now abuzz with start ups offering innovative products and services. Delphi being a RAD system that is a powerhouse in quick prototyping is a great tool for developing an MVP (minimum viable product).

With an MVP your main concern is discovering market interest as the first step to funding for growing a business based on the MVP. Delphi is wonderful for such attempts because it can reduce coding time. Thus getting the MVP into the hands of users asap!

Another focus with MVP development is the user interface and user experience of the product. Yet another area that benefits from RAD. Designers and founders can both work in Delphi to create forms for the MVP. Those forms can them be used directly by developers.

Any thoughts?

UI/UX and MVP 9 years 1 week ago #602

Hmmm. I replied, but had a browser crash, so sorry if two responses show up.

Unless you already have a lot of domain knowledge in the market you're targeting, this seems risky. What about doing it the other way around. Partner with someone in that market to develop a more fully functional product with the intention of marketing it more widely once it's been road tested? It will be longer before the product hits the market, but it will be a more complete product.

Maybe I'm a little gun shy because of the times when management tried to roll a proof of concept into production instead of concentrating on making sure the software does what it's supposed to do. This is how we wound up with countless clunky applications with business logic in button click events on the main form.

UI/UX and MVP 9 years 1 week ago #603

Mostly because of money! An MVP is about creating software that functions correctly but has the bare minimum of features required to make it useful while keeping dev costs down. If proof of interest is found. The company will go into the growth stage and turn out more features.

UI/UX and MVP 9 years 1 week ago #605

At the very least, maybe avoid term "rapid prototyping" and lean more toward SCRUM terminology. That makes me think less about code in button clicks and more about sustainable development with functional deliverables.

Plus, don't put business logic behind buttons.
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