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TOPIC: Symbols not found with remote debugging

Symbols not found with remote debugging 7 years 2 months ago #2415

I've now got help from Embarcadero Support, and it turns out ot be a bug in rmtdbgXXX.exe which doesn't convert extended characters properly. So if you are logged on to the machine running RAD Studio with a username which contains some extended characters, then this will create a subdirectory to the scratch-dir with a directory name consisting of the username plus project name. This is where conversion fails so that the debugger can't find the symbol file. This has been logged as RS-63795.

But there is a workaround:
1) in the IDE go to Tools | Options | "Environment Options" | "Environment variables" | "System variables"
2) select USERNAME and Add Override
3) change the IDE's "local" username to a string without any extended chars
4) and the IDE will then pass THAT name over to PAServer and it will not cause rmtdbg the problem, and you do not need to create a new user on the machine.
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Symbols not found with remote debugging 5 years 7 months ago #6449

Have had lot of problems myself remote debugging a datasnap server on a Windows R2008 64-bits server.

In one of them using tcpview on both sides it turned out that even if using PAserver, it fires up rmtdbg.exe and with a seemingly random port number :-(

Unless opening that port in the router, further debugging didn't function, even though the server was able to connect.

Have you considered that could be a problem?

tcpview is part of the sysinternals package downloadable from Microsoft.
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