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TOPIC: AppAnalytics & tracking a subset of forms in"Flow"

AppAnalytics & tracking a subset of forms in"Flow" 6 years 10 months ago #3328

How can you track a subset of forms, rather than all of them, in a Windows VCL application, please? I need to be able to analyse the flow from one form to another - so using the TrackEvent() method can't be used (at least, from my testing, the events don't appear in the Flow section of the dashboard - which makes sense).

If I set Options.aoTrackFormActivate to True, then every form will be tracked.

The help file shows the method, TAppAnalytics.TrackWindowActivated, which looks like it would be exactly what I could use - but I can't seem to call it (it doesn't appear to be a valid method of this class). I usually open up the VCL source code and look at the method - but for some reason I can't find it (I'm using XE8).

Any help would be much appreciated, please.

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