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TOPIC: STL to speed up record removal

STL to speed up record removal 8 years 3 weeks ago #1974


I have some computer code which I want to speed up with STL. I was wondering if there is a faster implementation of the code presented.

I wish to delete all the elements in array1 which have matching elements in array2. array1 and array2 are not sorted, and I need
to preserve their orders after deletion.

vector<int> array1(1000), array2(20);

int array1_elements, array2_elements;

struct array_remove {

bool operator()(const int& rhs) const


return (rhs == -1);


k = array1_elements;

for(i = 1; i <= array1_elements; i++) {

for(j = 1; j <= array2_elements; j++) {

if(array1 == array2[j]) {

array1 = -1;





std::remove_if(array1.begin(), array1.begin() + array1_elements, array_remove());

array1_elements = k;

I was thinking of using 2 sorts and a while statement, but

I was wondering if STL could be used for a faster implementation.

Any comments appreciated.

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