Tracking Custom Events with TAppAnalytics in Multi-Device Applications

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Luis Navarro recently wrote a great post on using the new TAppAnalytics component in your VCL and FireMonkey applications to track application usage.

Today, I thought I would provide a quick FireMonkey code snippet that shows you how to track custom data. In this example, I am able to capture the application user's local timezone and the UTC offset.

When creating the Context Object, none of the three strings can be empty. The parameters are Category, Action, Text and Value.

uses System.Analytics, System.Analytics.AppAnalytics, System.DateUtils, System.TimeSpan;

procedure TForm1.EnableButtonClick(Sender: TObject);
  AppAnalytics1.Enabled := True;

procedure TForm1.TriggerEventButtonClick(Sender: TObject);
  Context: TCustomEventContext;
  if Application.TrackActivity then
    Context := TCustomEventContext.Create('Customer_Timezone', 'Recorded Locale with UTC Offset ', TTimeZone.Local.DisplayName,TTimeZone.Local.UtcOffset.Hours);
    Application.AnalyticsManager.RecordActivity(TAppActivity.Custom, TriggerEventbutton, Context);



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  • Sarina D
    Sarina D Thursday, 14 May 2015

    Hi Fred,
    That is the case for VCL, but FireMonkey handles tracking custom app analytics events differently.


  • Fred Ahrens
    Fred Ahrens Thursday, 7 May 2015

    Why don't you just call TAppAnalytics.TrackEvent?

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