iOS 8 Simulator Hotfix (Beta) for Delphi and RAD Studio XE8 is available in Registered User Downloads

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This patch for RAD Studio and Delphi XE8 addresses changes to iOS 8 simulator deployment that prevented FMX apps from loading properly (simulator support is not provided for C++). Updates, hot fixes, and patches are provided exclusively to customers with an active Update Subscription, however, this particular critical patch is being provided to all XE8 customers. Available to registered users of RAD Studio XE8, Delphi XE8 (Mobile add-on edition and above) and Embarcadero All-Access XE. You can find the zip file in your registered user downloads area on Code Central - You can filter your downloads using and The Code Central item # is

README from the Zip file

iOS Simulator hotfix (beta) -  Apr 19, 2015
This Beta hotfix is provided only for customers who have an update subscription.

This beta hotfix enables FireMonkey multi-device applications to run on iOS 8.x Simulators

Perform the following steps:
1. Copy this zip file to your install directory.
2. Extract the zip
Copyright 2015, Embarcadero Technologies. All rights reserved.

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  • JSweby
    JSweby Friday, 5 June 2015

    I've just downloaded the hotfix and copied the files into the Program Files\Embarcadero\Studio\16.0 directory. I found that I also had to copy libmidas.dylib from Redist\iossimulator into Redist\osx32, otherwise I got an error about the wrong version of MIDAS when running the app on the Simulator.

  • kenatsoftbreeze
    kenatsoftbreeze Thursday, 7 May 2015

    I don't see the hotfix for XE8 under 'Registered User Downloads'. Only the XE7 version.

  • BirgerJ
    BirgerJ Wednesday, 6 May 2015

    This critical update is available to all customers, even the ones without active subscription. You make it sound as if this is an exception to the new standard policy.

    Does that mean that future critical updates that are absolutely necessary to keep the product functioning might not be available to everyone?

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