Delphi Blogs of the Week (or Month) #25

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More a monthly than a weekly roundup of Delphi and RAD Studio related blogs post, news, and more... but a fat one.

Languages-Related Blog Posts

Nick on Delphi and #Code2014 at (I agree, Delphi did very well, but I personally consider this more of a fun competition than a real indication of a language popularity) Related with that, this is yet another Programming Languages popularity chart at (in which Delphi is doing quite nice) Delphi even got into a slashdot discussion at

General Blog Posts

Not technically a blog post, but a site with a grat (even if not complete) collection of open source Delphi libraries:  New edition of Cary's book devoted to the ClientDatSet component at (disclaimer: I wrote a preface to it) Results of the IoT developers survey we sponsored at An interview with Jim on Mobile applications at

Community, Community

Android Lollipop Style pack at Overview of the new Embarcadero Community site by Stephen at And David I started a regular Embarcadero Community webcast, every Monday. Latest installment is at A good way to start your week with a summary of webinars, events, blog posts, with a nice video webcast. Recommended. My profile is here. My blog posts now get resurfaced also in the community site.

Really Technical Blog Post

Stefan on Smart Pointers at How to developer software in FireMonkey at App launcher for Android on FMX Express at Animations in FireMonkey at

About Third Party Controls

Nice blog post covering CodeSite logging tool at FireMonkey Radiant shapes at

And Now Ready for the Nil Debate

Nick started by blogging (with a nice 63 comments). Stefan wrote And on Google+ at

Bye, for Now

Tha's all for now. I'll see if I can get back to a more regular (and shorter) list.


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