Bjarne Stroustrup "Make Simple Tasks Simple!" at CodeRage 9 - Wednesday, Oct. 29: 9-11am PDT

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It is again my pleasure, once again, to announce that Bjarne Stroustrup will take part in the upcoming CodeRage 9 free online virtual developer conference next week. Bjarne last took part our CodeRage 7 C++ conference, "A Conversation with the C++ language designer and original implementer, Bjarne Stroustrup" back in November 2012.

This time we will be doing things a little bit differently. We will watch a replay of Bjarne's wonderful CppCon 2014 Keynote, "Make Simple Tasks Simple!", and then have a live Q&A with Bjarne to complete the 2 hour session.

Bjarne's session, "Make Simple Things Simple!" will take place on Wednesday, October 29 from 9am to 11am Pacific Time (12noon to 2pm Eastern Time) on the C++ track live stream.

Description from the CppCon 2014 site: "C++ faces two challenges: Helping programmers address the most demanding tasks in terms of performance, scale, and dependability. It must also help programmers be productive writing ordinary maintainable code. There is much more "ordinary code" than there is performance-critical code. Thus, C++ must make simple tasks simple while not getting in the way of tuning software for the last byte and last cycle where that's necessary. This talk focuses on what C++11 and C++14 offers to simplify programming: auto, range-for loops, move semantics, futures, concepts, and more. However, the focus is not primarily on language features: the key is programming: how can we write better, more readable, efficient, and more maintainable code? If you think that the essence of C++ is clever pointer manipulation and huge class hierarchies you may be in for a few surprises."

Register for CodeRage 9 at

You can submit questions live during the session or you can email questions in advance by sending them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. using the subject line "Ask Bjarne during CodeRage 9".



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  • > Rich <703
    > Rich <703 Wednesday, 22 October 2014

    BTW, DavidI, I see the new community forums could use an extra mod or two. I don't use email but if EMB accommodates special circumstances then I can volunteer a bit of my time to help as a mod.

  • &gt; Rich &lt;703
    > Rich <703 Wednesday, 22 October 2014

    It felt weird at first. But this is working really good for me. My work day is much better and more productive. I don't get distracted or frustrated with email now.

  • &gt; Rich &lt;703
    > Rich <703 Wednesday, 22 October 2014

    That would be a cool session but there still is no way for someone who doesn't use email to register for CodeRage9.

  • IanB
    IanB Wednesday, 22 October 2014

    Rich - I think you're weird for not using email :-) although I've seen a few cogent arguments for this idea in the past; however that said try one of the following:

    There are several others too.

    Bjarne is definitely worth registering to see. (A small disclaimer, I am also a presenter at this conference - "Your First iOS Enterprise App: From Compile to Final Release", session #38, day three).

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