AerServ Mobile Video Advertising Component for RAD Studio XE8

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AerServ is a free mobile SSP and monetization platform that empowers mobile publishers with a superior technology platform, supercharges their ad revenue through mobile video, and supports them with unrivaled customer service for a triple-win. AerServ works in alignment with thousands of apps, from premium publishers to independent developers, to optimize their existing ad network revenue through mediation, and tap into aerMarket’s demand inventory to supercharge their earnings.

AerServ’s entire platform and infrastructure were built with a publisher-first mentality. Publisher’s get best-in-class support with hands-on care from integration specialists, account managers, and software engineers. Whether you are looking for a simple way to monetize your mobile inventory or an advanced way to increase revenue, AerServ can get you there easily and efficiently.

The AerServ third-party video advertising component provides support for ad formats beyond iAD and Admob capabilities, including the following:

* Banner (all the IAB certified sizes: 320x50, 300x250, 728x90, 320x100 and more)
* Full Screen Interstitial (320x480)
* Video interstitial/Pre roll video
* VPAID (this format provides a rich interactive user experience with in-stream video ads)


Technology Partner Webinar:

On August 6th, AerServ will showcase their new mobile video advertising component for RAD Studio XE8 as part of our technology partner spotlight series.

To sign-up for the webinar, please visit

Download information for the component will be provided during the webinar.



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