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Maiko KASHIWABARA Kashiwabara

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Mary Kelly : Epic Software Consultant

Hi! My name is Mary and I am one of the RAD Software Consultants at Embarcadero. My love for C++Builder and InterBase is based on my learning C++ programming and database development with the good ole Borland products about 10-11 years ago.

FMX and native


Pawel Glowacki: Delphi Programming

Paweł Głowacki works for Embarcadero Technologies ( as European Technical Lead for Developer Tools. Previously, Paweł spent over 7 years working as a senior consultant and trainer for Delphi within Borland Education Services and CodeGear. As well as working with Embarcadero customers across the region, he also represents Embarcadero internationally as a conference and seminar speaker.

Quinn Wildman

I just realized yesterday was 29 year work anniversary!

Rebekah D Dumouchelle

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Работаю в Embarcadero программером.

Shiffa S1789 Sultan

Dr. Sultan Shiffa is a senior software consultant for Enterprise Data Management at Embarcadero technologies and works as an expert for complex and diverse data management solutions. He is engaged more than 8 years with Embarcadero’s largest customers to assist in the development of methodologies for best leveraging and integrating Embarcadero database products into their existing processes. He is also a key contributor to product road map and future sales opportunities. He is known in the market as a polished public speaker at OUG and Road Shows. Before joining Embarcadero he worked more than 15 years as an Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) DBA and database consultant.

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