Visualizing JSON Data with LiveBindings

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LiveBindings provide a way to connect user interface controls and datasets. Visual LiveBindings in Appmethod provides a visual design surface that makes connecting data and UI elements as simple as drawing a line between component properties. No need to write expressions or do all your work in code. You'll find that Visual LiveBindings make developing database connected, UI rich applications easier, more intuitive and more enjoyable than ever before. 

You can even visualize JSON data by connecting one of the BaaS (Backend-as-a-Service) components to an input control, such as a Memo. 

If you want to see the raw JSON data that you are querying and displaying via the BackendQuery component (connected to a data collection on in this case), you can connect any input control, such as a TMemo, to the BackendQuery1.JSONResult property using the LiveBindings designer. Then, if you right-click on the BackendQuery component at design time and execute the request, you will see the raw JSON data displayed in the memo. If you run your application, you will also see the same data at runtime. 


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