Building the Menu of your Mobile Application

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There are many different approaches you can choose from when building your mobile application menu. Below is a summary of key app menu styles used in applications today. 

Toolbar Only Navigation

  • Commonly used for single screen apps
  • Can be used with tab control for multi-screen navigation
  • Consists of text or glyph buttons
  • Bordered/Non-bordered icons or text buttons 

Tab Bar Navigation

  • Used to divide app into key focus areas
  • Provides intuitive user experience
  • Often used in conjunction with header toolbar 
  • Displayed with annotated glyphs (iOS), no glyphs (Android)

App Home Screen Navigation

  • Glyph Buttons arranged in a grid like layout
  • Glyph Buttons can be annotated with text
  • May span over multiple screens 

Drawer Menu

  • Main app menu is hidden by default
  • Invoked by tapping on a menu button or swiping left/right
  • Allows you to take advantage of more screen real estate when building your application 

In a follow-on tutorial, I will cover how you can create your own Drawer menu using Appmethod.

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