Coderage 9 Snippet - Consuming Object Pascal code from C++ apps using C++11 Lambdas

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One of my favorite C++ track talks at this year's recent CodeRage 9 conference was Bruneau Babet's excellent "Consuming Object Pascal code from C++" session. There were also many other great C++ talks at this year's CodeRage, but this one was really something special. I've extracted a video from a part of Bruneau's talk where he shows how to use C++11 lambdas where an Delphi developer would use Object Pascal Anonymous Methods. In particular, Lambdas can come in very handy to simplify the use of the new Parallel Programming Library (PPL), which is new in C++Builder XE7. Eariler in the CodeRage 9 schedule, I did a session, "Parallel Programming Library: Create Responsive Apps", showing C++ developers how to use the new PPL. Bruneau took what I demoed to the next level using Lambdas.  I know you will enjoy watching the video snippet and then watching the complete replay for Bruneau's session.


Here is a sample of the C++11 lambda code showing how to use the the Parallel Programming Library's TTask::Run method with nested lambdas:

void __fastcall TForm42::Button1Click(TObject *Sender)
              [this]() -> void {
                const int iter = 5;
                for (int i=0; i<iter; ++i) {
                  TThread::Synchronize(0, MakeAnonMeth<TThreadProcedure>(
                    [this, i]() -> void {
                      String str(DateTimeToStr(Now()));
                      Memo1->Lines->Add(str+((i < (iter-1)) ? " - WORKING AWAY" :
                                                              " - DONE DONE!!!"));


Consuming Object Pascal code using C++11 Lambdas video snippet (16 minutes and 15 seconds) -

if you don't own C++Builder XE7, you can download a free trial and try Bruneau's source code projects using the free trial download link below.

Free C++Builder Trial

Zip file containing Bruneau's slides and demos:


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