Delphi Week 2015

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Delphi Week 2015 is a global online celebration of everything Delphi. Live, online sessions will occur Monday thru Friday, February 9-13, 2015 from 8am to 10am Pacific Time and 2pm to 4pm Pacific Time. 

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On the agenda:

  • Interviews
  • Code Battles
  • Delphi Games
  • Funside of Delphi
  • Virtual Office Tours
  • Day in the Life survey 
      (Complete Wednesday, results Sunday)
  • Global celebration of all things Delphi
  • Follow along on Tumblr or Twitter.

Schedule by Day

Monday - February 9

8am to 10am: Delphi Week Kickoff, Live Community Webcast, Day in the Life of a Developer, demos, conversations, videos

2pm to 4pm: Webcast repeat, conversations, demos, videos

Tuesday - February 10

6am, 11am, 5pm - RAD XE7 Skill Sprints - "Deep Dive into into PPL Futures"

8am to 10am: Jim McKeeth Podcast at, Marco Cantu "Funside of Delphi", conversations, demos, videos

2pm to 4pm: Repeat "Funside of Delphi", conversations, demos, videos

Wednesday - February 11

8am to 10am: Code Battle (a live programming contest) send email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you want to participate.

2pm to 4pm: Code Battle replays

Thursday - February 12

6am, 11am, 5pm - FireDAC Skill Sprints - "Array DML"

8am to 10am: Virtual Office Tours

2pm to 4pm: Virtual Office Tours

Friday - February 13

6am, 11am - Embarcadero Technology Partner Spotlight - Fast Reports Inc.

8am to 10am: Wrap-up, Survey Results, Winners

2pm to 3pm: Conversation with Delphi R&D Management Team - Dave Wilhelm (Director, RAD R&D), Mike Devery (RAD Program Manager), Masahiro Arai (Documentation, QA, Localization)

3pm to 4pm: Conversation with Sarina Dupont - RAD Product Manager - FireUI, BaaS, User Experience and more.

4pm: Close and "Code Monkey"


Bookmark this community news article and come back (often) for updated information about additional events, activities and fun. Use the hashtag #DelphiWeek to share your enthusiasm. 

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