AndDevCon Preview: Appmethod Android apps using C++11

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Appmethod is at AnDevCon in Boston this week. For those of you unable to make it in person, I wanted to share some screenshots of using C++ in Appmethod to target Android. In this preview, I will create a new C++ project with Appmethod, write some C++11 code, target Android to build and deploy my natively compiled APK, and run the app. If you are currently subscribing to Appmethod and want to give it a go, contact your local sales representative.


Starting a new C++ project:


Some C++11 source code to populate a std::string and display on the button::on_click event.


APK (Project1) is installed for me by the IDE, just by connecting my Android device and selecting it as the target.

And here is the output from the C++ string concatenation and message box. 


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