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TOPIC: McKeeth's statement of future direction

McKeeth's statement of future direction 1 year 2 weeks ago #12218

So this little nugget was buried in that notice from Jim McKeeth about the issues with the forums:

" Legacy downloads will likely be folded into a new Update Subscription customer-only section of the Customer Portal."

Holy smokes, what a giant FU to customers. So if you bought Seattle or Tokyo, or any other RAD Studio, once you drop off subscription you won't be able to download the products again. Nor will you be able to download any past hotfixes, code packages or anything else related to your past purchases. Doesn't that make you feel like a valued customer ?

That right there tells me that dropping off subscription and getting away from Delphi is the right course of action. I'm sure the next stage will be the resurrection of the program whereby your IDE only works as long as you pay for it. Wouldn't be much of a change for EMBT to say well, the IDE only has full capability if you're on Update Subscription, and it would be very much inline with their current business practices.

For those fanboys like Rudy who will chime in and say that's not what he means, I have only this to say : He said it, and he meant what he said or he wouldn't have written it. I guess the next stage will be the registration servers will only work if you have a current subscription, even if you just want to use your old Delphi XE.

Well Jim, I'm taking the hint and I'm getting off Delphi before you fire me.

McKeeth's statement of future direction 1 year 2 weeks ago #12234

Strange. This topic, and only this topic, refuses to open for me when using Firefox. Works from IE.

But yeah, it does seem like Embar is saying "If you end your subscription we will cut off your access to your existing paid-for products." Better download them all and back up before you end your subscription.

Also, he says that the community portal is well received. That is big news to me and everybody else I know. The community portal sucks! The CAPTCHA is extremely annoying and obviously does not work since there is spam on here already. The topics are way too broad and has no focus. Good luck trying to find anything you are looking for. End up with pages and pages of "next..." button clicks if you try a search. Argh! It needs at least a lot more focused sub-forums.

McKeeth's statement of future direction 1 year 2 weeks ago #12248

Very odd that the default action from my browser to this post is to download the Html ?

None of this is very edifying for Emb!

McKeeth's statement of future direction 1 year 1 week ago #12274

I too found this hard to get into. I had to click on one of the contibutors profiles and then click on their comment to get into the actual topic.

Regards, Roger.

McKeeth's statement of future direction 10 months 4 weeks ago #12932

Maintaining legacy downloads is an expense. If there is demand for that it is something we can look at a solution for. Notice I said "likely" as in it is something we are considering. Part of the idea of update subscription is we want to make it easier for developers to move forward and use the latest versions so fewer people will be stuck using the older versions.

I looked around online, and many companies stop offering downloads of older versions unless you pay for some sort of extended access or subscription service. A few places I've purchased software from only give me 24 hours to download it unless I paid extra. Maybe we could bring back the media service and you could buy a DVD to hang onto if that is something you see a need for.

Anyway, such a change is a while away, and we are certainly open to feedback, and hopefully would notify all existing users who are no longer on update subscription of the change so they will have plenty of time to download any versions they want.

BTW, not sure why the post downloads instead of opening. I had trouble getting into it as well. We are working on a few issues for improving the community or even moving to a new platform, so stay tuned.
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