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Orpheus GetCellAttributes

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  • Oliver
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3 months 4 days ago #8951
The following code used to (C++ Builder 6) make the contents of particular cell invisible:

void __fastcall TMyForm::MyTableGetCellAttributes (
TObject* Sender,
int RowNum,
int ColNum,
TOvcCellAttributes &CellAttr)
if (RowNum == 5 && ColNum == 3) CellAttr.caAccess = otxInvisible;

However, this no longer works. The cell becomes read-only, but the contents of the cell (in my case a checkbox) is still visible.
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  • Roger Cigol
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3 months 2 days ago #9011
Hi Oliver,
I think you must be using some third party component here
I don't recognise TOvcCellAttributes or otxInvisible
(Embarcadero Docwiki doesn't mention these either).
Most likely problem is you will need to upgrade your third
party component to suit the latest compiler.
Might be nice to know what you are using, what problem it
solved for you and how good you think the third party component
is so other Embarcadero users can benefit from your experience.
Regards, Roger
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  • Oliver
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3 months 2 days ago #9023
This is from the Orpheus Turbopack that I got through the GetIt Manager (I thought that was clear from the "Orpheus" in the subject).
Is this perhaps the wrong place to post issues with these open source components? If it is, can you point me in the right direction?
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