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Why no 64-bit Windows C++ target/platform option?

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2 weeks 5 hours ago #12844
Why can't a add a 64-bit Windows target to this simple test project? TCppWebBrowser doesn't work right with bcc32c so I wanted to test it with the 64-bit compiler.
Originally I installed only the 32-bit environments. Then I went to 'Manage Platforms' and added the 64-bit Delphi and C++Builder platforms, but I still can't add a 64-bit Windows target to the above project.... the 'Add Platform' option is totally grayed out.
More bugs?
I'm using 10.2.2.
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1 week 3 days ago #12938
I try to install Tokyo 10.2.2 too. But i have a lot of error again and again, and each time you have to uninstall before reinstall...
The install doesn't work if you choose the help...
The first time i do the install i haven't any plateform options like you.
After a new reinstall i have the Win32 plateform.
Now i haven't any compiler options for .bpl.
I will start a new reinstall again, maybe this is a solution for you too !
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