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Delphi 2005 Enterprise License

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1 month 3 days ago #11985
Good morning -
My name is Joel Toscano and at one time I was employed by Jones Day. We purchased Delphi 2005 Enterprise and I was the sole user of the license for many years. I have since moved on to better opportunities. When I left JD, they gave me the Delphi 2005 installation CDs and all pertinent info as they have since standardized with C#.
Trouble is this: I have recently taken on a consulting role and some of the code is very early Delphi. I have installed it but the license is (probably) in the name of Jones Day.
Key: 7RW-MHS
I am pretty sure my Borland account is JT56
Cell: 216.262.6946
Please Help~!
Thank you
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