Spent hours creating a View for 5 Inch Phone but the IDE keeps changing it back!


This is really driving me mad.

I am creating a C++ Builder Fire-monkey app targeting Android devices mainly. I have all the app working fine under Master View, it runs fine on my 7 tab without changes. My target device though is a 5" android phone, so I selected 5 Inch view from the IDE and started making the changes I require to make the screen fit the device. So I spent several hours shrinking and moving items to fit into the 5 phone view and sent it on multiple occasions to my connected phone to see how it looks. Then I wanted a break, so I did what everyone does, saved (again) and closed the IDE.

When I came back and started the IDE, launched the project and selected the 5 Android Phone view, all the text sizes had reset to what the were before I started! The color changes had been saved but not the important resizing work I spent ruddy hours on!

Is this a known IDE issue using C++ Builder Tokyo 10.2.1

Screen grab before exiting IDE after save

Image AFTER relaunch IDE


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    Tuesday, February 06 2018, 03:06 PM - #Permalink

    Hi Marko,

    I am unable to reproduce the issue you mentioned. When switching back and forth between the master and your Android view, do you see this issue? For example, if you make a single change to the Android view, save it, close the project and reopen it, do you see the changes reflected in your Android view? 

    If you're continuing to run into this issue, please file a bug at quality.embarcadero.com. 


    You might also find this article helpful: https://community.embarcadero.com/article/technical-articles/1038-building-multi-device-applications-with-fireui-frequently-asked-questions




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