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I want to know if I buy C++ Builder 10, NOT Rad Studio 10, can the C++ Builder environment compile the .pas files that many of my projects have?

I haven't created a Delphi project in over 10 years, but I have a set of Delphi .pas units which contain common functions used in all my C++ Builder projects.

As I currently have RAD Studio XE2, when I launch the IDE with just C++ Builder, it allows me to compile my project which have .pas files in, but is this purely because I have installed Delphi as part of the RAD Studio installation, or is it that it has both compilers?

I am looking to buy 10 Seattle, but would prefer to only buy the C++ Builder 10 module as would never create a Delphi project.

Can anyone confirm that C++ Builder Seattle 10 can add a .pas file to a project and compile it?

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    Friday, October 16 2015, 07:45 AM - #Permalink

    Hi Mark,

    You can compile Object Pascal in C++ builder, but you have to create the .pas file outside of CBuilder as CBuilder only lets you create C/CPP files & units and even by giving the .pas file extension it thinks its a C file! 

    Due to some problems with CBuilder generating Delphi RTTI for some C++ Classes that are implementing a delphi interface I had to build some stuff in OP. There is no autocomplete or structure view for Pascal files in CBuilder but they compile and you can set compiler options (to output .hpp's) and my classes work fine.

    I would go for CBuilder, if you ever needed to create a whole load of classes in Delphi and were desperate for auto complete or structure view for it you could use Notepad ++ or just download a trial of Delphi 10 :) 

    Hope this helps!

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