RAD Studio Berlin 10.1 and iOS 10: "CLASS LINKAGE ERROR"



I'm trying compile my code (RAD Studio Berlin 10.1) on iOS 10 Simulator.

I got message "CLASS LINKAGE ERROR".

Heeeelp! Please!

(bugs.. bugs.. bugs everywhere)


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    Saturday, December 24 2016, 01:54 AM - #Permalink

    What xCode version do you have? 8.2? Looks like Delphi/C++Builder works fine for now with 8.1

    They just released a C++Builder hot fix also, make sure to deploy it on your Mac fromĀ here


    - If you upgraded to a new xCode version lately, make sure to go to the IDE > Options > SDK and click the Update button for each iOS platforms (32,64 and Simulator)

    - Before compiling, right click on the project name in the IDE and select Clean

    - Delete all Entitlement.TemplateiOS.xml file

    Rebuild and check whether it works fine.

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