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Dear embacadero people,

I´m new in the programmer world..

I brought RAD Studio Berlin 10.1 Professional and now i want to use it for creating an android multi device application.

I decided to do that on another Computer..

After install it again some weird things happend.

There were no option to use the programm because everytime when i wanted to start RAD, it said that i would have no licence.. Seconds before i imported some textfiles with necessary licence information.

Well i tried some things etc.

Next step i thought it could nice, uninstalling RAD and reinstall..

Now I cant use the product anymore because of errormessages of IDE package Moduls that cant be found and even if i press yes after asking me whether the files should be load by next time (how should them be loaded by next time if they aren´t found???) the other problem is still the licence problem..

I have licences for:

C++Builder 10.1 Berlin Professional

InterBase XE7 ToGo Test Deployment

IBLite XE7 for All Platforms 

And only want to use the android plattform for creating a multi device app.

Thanks in advance



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    Monday, March 13 2017, 07:09 AM - #Permalink

    Hi Ken,

    The version of C++Builder that you have doesn't include mobile development.  To get Android or iOS deployment capabilities, you will need to purchase the mobile add-on pack.  You can contact your sales representative for that.

    With your purchase you should have received Update Subscription, which includes a support contract for Embarcadero Tech Support.  You can contact them at 800-523-7070 or fill out a ticket at


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