How can I compile a Project (".DPROJ" file) bypassing the linker (without generate the ".EXE" file)


Hi, I have dozens of Delphi Projects (".DPROJ" file), where one project can depend on others, and I'm using a dependency manager to compile in order.

But, I don't want generate the executable for the majority.

I'm compiling using the MSBUILD (the Dependency Manager calls the MSBUILD). How can I compile bypassing the linker?



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    Wednesday, June 07 2017, 11:14 AM - #Permalink

    Hi for everyone, does anyone know if this is at least possible? The post has 67 views, but no response...

    How can I contact the Embarcadero's official technical support?

    Sometime ago, I have asked about an internal error (compiling to Delphi project), but I also did not receive an answer...



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