Galaxy Tab 7 shows up in DevicePresets.xml but not in View Selector in IDE (Berlin C++ Pro)


I am trying to target a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7" for screen design in the IDE.

In the Form Designer I can select Android as the Style, but the View selector lists generic Android entries:

Android 3.5" Phone

Android 4" Phone

Android 5" Phone

Android 7" Phone

Android 7" Tablet

Android 10" Tablet

I have looked on many sites to see how to add a View to the View selector which have led me to discover that they need to be listed in the DevicePresets.xml hidden away in apadata. I located the file opened it to find a multitude of Samsung Galaxy phones and Tablets defined, but cannot find them in the View selector within the IDE


Does anyone know what packages I need to import to have these show?

On lots of Embacadero youtube videos from the likes of Jim Mckeith et al, whenever they demo Android and show Views, it always shows more entries than I get in mine



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