Error position top button after alter anchors


I have a TPanel with a TButton.

TPanel heigth = 77

Align = altop
BelvelKind = bkFlat or bkTitle or bkSoft

Tbutton property

top = 25

Alter property TButton

akLeft = false
akTop = false
akRight = true
akBottom = true

After saving the form and closing the IDE form and reopening the form in the IDE, the top of the TButton changes to 21.
If it close again and open it will decrease the top by 4.


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    Thursday, April 13 2017, 09:43 AM - #Permalink


    Have you tried installing 10.2 and testing this? This issue appears to be fixed in 10.2 Tokyo. I followed your steps and was able to reproduce it in 10.1 Berlin, but not in 10.2



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