Delphi 10.2.2 keept hanging


My Delphi IDE keeps hanging. It feels like the issue is with code completion: it only happens when I'm working on project code that deals heavily with generics.


I would start editing some code and, when code completion kicks in (manually or automatically triggered), the IDE randomly hangs, consuming 100% of a CPU core and never returning. I have to kill the task and restart that application, having lost all changes.


Since last week, i'm working on a pretty complex framework that makes heavy uses of generics and interfaces and I can't work more than 5 minutes without having to kill the IDE. This is bringing my productivity down to almost zero since I spend more time re-writing the same code and restarting the IDE than actually coding.

I have tried clearing all the DCU attached to my project without any success.

Does anyone have a suggestion how to solve this ? This is becoming untenable.

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