Delphi 10.1 windows 10 onclose issue


I have my application migrated to Delphi 10.1 and database PostgrSQL. All exes works fine on windows 7.I have shifted my code on windows 10 system.On close of exe I get access violation error.

  Stack trace gives me:

Form 2 is called using showmodal on create of form1. Code written on cancel button on form2 is: application.Terminate; Modal result is 'mrCancel' of the button. How do I resolve this error? Access violation comes after    

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    Friday, February 09 2018, 02:04 PM - #Permalink


    The access violation is pointing to an address which is a default for objects which have already been disposed and their point set nil (i.e. something is being free'd twice).

    Is it possible to attach a sample application (which just sufficient code to reproduce the problem) as an attachment here for us to look at?

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