Code Insight breaks after Task.Run and in long units (> ~ 1200 lines)


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I've experienced that long units (approx. over 1200 lines), Code Insight breaks down in this manner: Reference to items from other units no longer works when typing the dot (or pressing ctrl+space). Even after waiting seconds, no external names are suggested when typing.

A similar reference to same external unit in a small unit (ex. 150 lines) immediately results in the correct behaviour in the IDE.

After using the threading functions, the IDE starts to insert the text "end;" EVERY time enter is pressed in the source code in the unit. That is, after code like the example below, sometimes the editor starts this strange behaviour - like it's lost count of corresponding begin-end pairs. Code:



                       ; // Code here



Are there anything I can do to "help" the IDE or "clean" the unit's definition, so as to make the Code Insight / IDE work as expected?

I'm using Delphi 10.2 on Windows 10 Creators, the project is 32-bit for VCL.


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