Are components which are compiled with bcc32 compatible with application compiled with bcc32c?



I wonder if components which I have compiled with the classic c++ compiler bcc32 are compatible with applications compiled with the new CLANG enhanced c++11 win32 compiler bcc32. 

I would like to use the same components for both types of compilers.

Has anybody done this? Until now it seem to work but I'm not sure if its ok this way.


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    Friday, October 16 2015, 07:49 AM - #Permalink

    Hi Kerem,

    Was in a CodeRage session on the 13th that was discussing the new CLAANG enhanced compilers and whilst the components themselves may not work, the code behind them can be recompiled without any changes. 

    Have a look through the dockwiki and see if there is anything that answers your question - otherwise hopefully David I or someone from the CBuilder team will pickup this thread and give a definitive answer for you!

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