Access violation creating views on multi-device app


I'm trying to create views for an Android devices. However, when I'm generating some of them for a specific displays size, I'm facing access violation errors and catastrophic failures. 

I would like to point it out that these problems have been more frequent after the upgrade to 10.2.1 version. 

For example:

Access violation at address 5005F5D7 in module 'rtl250.bpl'. Read of address FFFFFFC9.

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    Monday, December 04 2017, 02:55 AM - #Permalink

    Hi Sarina,


    I created report RSP-19460

    What would be the required settings?




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    Thursday, November 30 2017, 09:00 AM - #Permalink

    Hi Felipe,

    I have not heard of this issue. Can you please file a bug report at


    When creating your custom views, did you define all the required settings?




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