Adding user authentication to my ToDo List BaaS Demo

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So far, I have covered various BaaS (Backend-as-a-Service) features on my blog that were introduced in RAD Studio XE6, including:

Today, I thought I would write about how you can add user authentication via a login screen to our included ToDo List BaaS demo.

I used the BaaS demo as a starting point and added a new TabItem to our TabControl, and renamed it to TabItemLogin.


For my member login, I created a nice graphic that I parented 2 edits and labels to, one for the username and one for the password. My member login graphic includes a button graphic that I wanted to use with my on-click event handler. I used a TRectangle and created an outline over the button graphic. For TRectangle, I chose no stroke or fill (color property set to 'Null') and setup the following on-click event:

procedure TBaaSToDoList.Rectangle1Click(Sender: TObject);


ACreatedObject: TBackendEntityValue;


BackendUsers1.Users.LoginUser(Edit1.Text, Edit2.Text, ACreatedObject);

ShowMessage('Logged in');


DataModule1.ItemAdapter.Active := True;




I placed a TBackendUsers component onto my form and connected it to my KinveyProvider component.


I created a new Login view:



TView = (List, Details, Add, Edit, Login);     //added Login

I then defined the behavior for the new Login view:

function TBaaSToDoList.CurrentView: TView;


if Self.TabControl1.ActiveTab = TabItemAdd then

Result := TView.Add

else if Self.TabControl1.ActiveTab = TabItemList then

Result := TView.List

else if Self.TabControl1.ActiveTab = TabItemEdit then

Result := TView.Edit

else if Self.TabControl1.ActiveTab = TabItemDetails then

Result := TView.Details

else if Self.TabControl1.ActiveTab = TabItemLogin then          //newly added

Result := TView.Login


raise Exception.Create('Unexpected');


I updated the OnCreate event to default to the Login tab when the app is launched:

procedure TBaaSToDoList.FormCreate(Sender: TObject);


TabControl1.TabPosition := TTabPosition.None;


DataModule1.ItemAdapter.Active := True;

TabControl1.ActiveTab := TabItemLogin;    //newly changed


I then setup and defined the text for the toolbar label:

procedure TBaaSToDoList.ActionLabelUpdate(Sender: TObject);


case CurrentView of

TView.List: (Sender as TAction).Text := 'To Do List';

TView.Details: (Sender as TAction).Text := 'To Do Item';

TView.Add: (Sender as TAction).Text := 'Add To Do Item';

TView.Edit: (Sender as TAction).Text := 'Edit To Do Item';

TView.Login: (Sender as TAction).Text := 'ToDo List Login Screen';    //newly added



Next, I defined that the Login view should load the Login tab:

procedure TBaaSToDoList.ShowView(AView: TView);


case AView of

List:    Self.TabControl1.ActiveTab := TabItemList;

Details: Self.TabControl1.ActiveTab := TabItemDetails;

Add:     Self.TabControl1.ActiveTab := TabItemAdd;

Edit:    Self.TabControl1.ActiveTab := TabItemEdit;

Login:   Self.TabControl1.ActiveTab := TabItemLogin;      //newly added


raise Exception.Create('Unexpected');




I created a user inside my Kinvey account under AddOns > Core > Users, but the code and process for using Parse are the same.


Below is a screenshot of my running application:


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